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Over the years numerous patients have reached out to share with us their experience with the practice and with the acupuncture. We include some of their comments below.


Dr. Boguslavsky managed my father's medical care in the final years of his life, while still a medical resident. It was evident that he really cared for him and for our entire family, as he helped us make some very difficult decisions. We were most impressed by his approach to treating my father as a whole person, not a series of isolated symptoms.

My husband and I became his patients because we trust him, and because David's current practice, PremierMD, is based on those values that enabled my father to have good quality of life into his early 80's and dignity in his final days.

Kathy, age 42

I want to thank Dr. Boguslavsky for providing personalized, holistic care to my family. He combines modern medicine, acupuncture and nutrition with the caring and concern of an old-fashioned family doctor.

We greatly appreciate having his cell phone number as minor emergencies have arisen during non-practice hours. Not the least, it's great to have a doctor with something in his quiver other than a scrip pad!"

Nick, age 48


 I spent years trying to find relief from chronic pain through medical doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapy before turning to acupuncture as my "last resort." Fortunately, at the other end of the needles I found a kind, compassionate, and skilled doctor.

Dr. B listened carefully to my list of problems and gave me an honest assessment of what he thought acupuncture could and could not do--and how he would combine it, in my case, with traditional medication. Acupuncture has offered me much relief in the past year, and I actually look forward to my treatments, thanks to his pleasant "bedside manners" and nice sense of humor.

I would recommend him to anyone considering acupuncture--and even to those who aren't!
- Kathy, age 53

After suffering for months with constant headaches and neck pain that no over the counter pain reliever would even touch, I was referred to Dr. Boguslavsky to try acupuncture.

After several sessions of treatment the headaches started to dissipate and I could actually move my neck in a range of motion that I hadn't been able to achieve in months.

I am now living in Delaware and I am still looking for a doctor with the knowledge and caliber in this field. I haven't found that person yet, but I thank Dr. Boguslavsky for using this ancient and very effective practice for my own pain and discomfort.
- Michelle, age 53


 I have found Dr. B. to be a good listener who values my opinion and who has a sincere interest in working together with me in deciding a course of treatment that is acceptable to both of us.

Because Dr. B is a medical doctor as well as an acupuncturist, he has greater insight and depth of knowledge into a patient's problems, and is able to offer many modalities of treatment.

- Joan, age 63

Dr. Boguslavsky is a very caring physician who truly takes the time to understand your pain and works out a treatment plan with you. Prior to my first visit, I had tried wearing orthotics, movement therapy, cortisone shots, nightly heating pad treatments as well as taking various over the counter pain medicine.

After my first acupuncture treatment, I noticed that I had instant relief to the constant pain I was feeling day and night. I am now a firm believer in alternative therapy and after only a half year of treatments, I am now on a maintenance program and can walk much better - pain free! I have recommended Dr. Boguslavsky to friends and family who have also sought relief from their pain through his practice.

- Therese, age 52


My story is probably not unusual. I spent a couple of years with constant heel and elbow pain. I saw my family doctor and an orthopedist, and was given pills, which were not very effective.

One day I was listening to my daughter talking about how Dr. Dave helped her get rid of a headache and also how he had helped her husband. I called Dr. Dave and made an appointment.

He asked me some questions, listened to the answers and began treatment. Within three weeks my elbow, which had bothered me for a long time, no longer did. My foot required more treatment, but that is much better now too. I have recommended Dr. Dave to friends without hesitation. For me, acupuncture works - try it!

I can’t say enough about what Dr. Boguslavsky has done for me. He has taught me how to cope with my medical situation utilizing acupuncture in conjunction with a stretching routine. He truly cares about his patients and goes above and beyond to help you feel better.

- Sandy, age 44


Although I was initially referred to Dr. Boguslavsky through a friend for a stiff neck, I decided to have him treat the constipation I suffered from IBS first. After my first treatment I noticed some positive results and within 3 months with regular visits, I felt like a new person.

Dr. Boguslavsky is the only doctor I know that is very accessible to his patients through email or his cell phone and he will do everything possible to see you immediately if you are suffering with pain. His background as both a family physician and acupuncturist offers the best of both worlds!

I was and still am impressed with the way that Dr. Boguslavsky listens to what you have to say about what is bothering you. He remembers what you spoke about the last you saw him and the follow up is amazing.

- Sharon, age 43

I was very afraid of acupuncture. I had some skin problems that my doctors could not find how to treat . With acupuncture and Dr. B's medical expertise, my problems when away. I would also like to say that any doctor that he referred me to was also attentive and really helped.

Dr. Boguslavsky is my doctor and I would not go anywhere else!

- Fran, age 56


"Dear Dr. Boguslavsky,

Just a note to let you know about how your acupuncture program has helped me. When I first came to you, I had a laundry list of aches and pains. Our first hurdle was my great fear of needles. I won't lie and say I don't feel some, but those I do are not really that bad and it passes very quickly, too. Many I don't feel at all.

One by one we worked on each of my issues and I feel there has been real progress in most areas. I won't go so far to call it miraculous like is often depicted in movies and TV, but clearly improved. Having several surgeries during our year together has muddied the waters so all is not clear yet how much progress we have made in some areas. I do look forward to our further work and continuing to see less and less of you however. Nothing personal."

- Doug, age 56


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