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Welcome to
Premier Medical Acupuncture
and PremierMD


          Welcome to the website of PremierMD and Premier Medical Acupuncture, two medical practices of David Boguslavsky, MD.

         The doctor is Board Certified in Family Medicine, as well as in Medical Acupuncture. He blends the practice of Eastern and Western medicine for his patients' benefit.

         As each symptom can be treated in a variety of ways, the doctor brings a much broader base of knowledge to call upon for the therapeutic benefit of his patients. In some cases Western medicine offers the best treatment options. 

         In other cases a few well-placed acupuncture needles will do more in 3 sessions than months of taking medicines or physical therapy.

       In most cases the two healing approaches complement each other for maximal improvement in the patients' health and well-being.

We are unique

          The practice accepts most insurances and works with all patients, insured or not, to provide affordable medical care of the highest quality to each and every person.

           We run a technologically advanced, efficient and modern medical practice built on a foundation of time-honored tradition of compassionate care for each individual patient and their unique condition.

          We never run short on time or compassion. Every patient gets all the time needed for a full therapeutic evaluation and intervention.

          Please feel free to explore this site for more information regarding the doctor and the two aspects of his medical practice.

What this site offers

           You can learn more have about the various services provided in our office, and read about many of our successful applications of Medical Acupuncture.

            We also include information on our specific areas of expertise, provide answers to the most commonly asked questions and share with you some of the kind words our patients shared with us regarding their experience with our practice.

            Lastly, we include some specifics with regards to what to expect from your first visit to our office, our hours and a list of insurances that we work with on a regular basis.

Premier Medical Acupuncture

757 Route 202-206, Suite 104
Bridgewater, NJ 08807

Phone: (908) 450 7002                  
Fax: (908) 941 2715


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