David Boguslavsky,

Practicing Medicine with:

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Qualifications & Experience

Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
UCLA Helms Medical Institute (Medical Acupuncture)
Tufts University, BA in American History

RWJ Barnabas Somerset

English, Russian

American Board of Family Medicine
American Board of Medical Acupuncture

Family Medicine
Medical Acupuncture
Primary Care


       David Boguslavsky, MD is an experienced and dedicated family physician and medical acupuncturist who has been practicing medicine for more than a decade.

       Dr. Boguslavsky is originally from Russia and at young age moved to New Jersey where he not only attended medical school but established his medical practice.

       Dr. Boguslavsky received his medical degree from Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and completed his residency training at Somerset Family Practice, where he was presented with multiple Resident Teacher of The Year awards.

       He underwent extensive additional training in Medical Acupuncture at the prestigious UCLA Helms Medical Acupuncture Institute in Berkley, California. Dr. Boguslavsky is Board Certified in Family Medicine and in Medical Acupuncture, a unique achievement.

       There is a great emphasis in the practice on preventative care and on early control of risk factors, vitamin and mineral deficiencies diet-related imbalances.

       Dr. Boguslavsky practices the full spectrum of Family medicine and sees his patients for acute illness (such as headaches, sinus infections) as well for chronic conditions management (thyroid, hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol). Every patient of the practice benefits from his unique dual perspective, offered by Western and Eastern Medicine. Some patients leave their visit with a script for medication, whereas others leave reassured, and improved with some Chinese Herbal Medicines or a few well-chosen acupuncture needles.

       Additionally, Dr. Boguslavsky specializes in treating patients with pain and functional disorders.

At the root of Dr. Boguslavsky’ s holistic approach to medicine lies a belief that there is much more to being healthy than just not being sick. The doctor's function is to support the patient during his or her life journey, and to make sure that the patient is in the best physical, emotional and spiritual health they can be. 

      Finally, it is important to stress how much PremierMD and Dr. Boguslavsky embrace the latest in medical technology. From using the state-of-the-art Electronic Medical Record (EMR), to digital prescriptions, to a user-friendly Patient Portal the patients reap the benefits of the technological advances in medical care.

      Despite adopting the modern approach to medical information, Dr. Boguslavsky continues the time-tested tenets of doctor-patient relationship: “Give every patient all the time that they need.” 

     For example, new patients are allotted an hour to get to know the doctor and to share their medical history. Established patient visits are allotted 30 minutes.

     We value our patients' time and take pride in running the office smoothly. Contrary to norm, there is rarely more than a few minutes that our patients spend waiting to be seen. 

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